Construction Industry News: Mar 9, 2018

Where Americans found jobs: Construction, retail, factories

Construction led the way in February in a month of powerful hiring for the U.S. economy. The sector added 61,000 jobs, the most in any month since 2007, before the Great Recession began. The gains came in part from builders and contractors working in both residential and commercial construction. Heavy and civil engineering companies also posted gains. Over the last 12 month, the sector has added a solid 254,000 jobs.

Moving Mountains at Calaveras Dam Replacement
Learn how the team replacing Calaveras Dam in a seismic zone overcame numerous challenges, including difficult geology, naturally occurring asbestos and complex sequencing on the $810-million, nearly eight-year-long project.
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Trump signs orders for new aluminum, steel tariffs

 Though the tariffs have been lauded by U.S. steel workers, the move stands to raise costs on construction and infrastructure projects and could have dire consequences for the industry's labor force. According to a study by The Trade Partnership, construction could lose as many as 28,000 jobs in response to the tariffs.

Historic Kentucky bridge closes over structural concerns

A historic Kentucky bridge that dates back to 1889 has been closed over structural concerns. The Bowling Green Daily News reports the bridge's annual inspection by the state Transportation Cabinet found structural deficiencies that prompted Thursday's shutdown. A cabinet engineer, James Edmunds, said the Old Richardsville Road bridge's trusses are deteriorating but it can be reopened once they're restored.

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