Construction Industry News: May 22, 2019

Infrastructure Talks Break Down, Leaving $2-Trillion Plan Hanging

The blow-up of negotiations between President Trump and top congressional Democrats over a major infrastructure investment plan has probably sidetracked a comprehensive, multi-sector bill, at least for now.


DIA and contractor disagree about delays and costs for the Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport said Thursday that it will negotiate with the contracting team on its terminal renovation project in coming months over costs and delays stemming from the discovery of weak concrete.


Construction takeaways from OSHA’s July 2019 updates

In 1995, in response to a presidential memo, OSHA began its Standards Improvement Project with the goal of streamlining its own rules, increasing compliance and taking some of the financial and regulatory burden off employers. Since launching the SIP initiative, there have been three revisions to OSHA standards under the program — in 1998, 2005 and 2011 — with a new round of changes announced last week marking the fourth and final one. 


Trump administration rescinds nearly $1B for California bullet train

The Federal Railroad Administration, in a 25-page, May 16 letter to the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s CEO Brian Kelly, notified the authority that it has terminated a $928.6 million grant for the scaled-back $20 billion bullet train project. 


Texas Approves $3B for Flood Control After Hurricane Harvey

Nearly two years after Hurricane Harvey battered Houston and the Texas coast, state lawmakers approved setting aside more than $3 billion to help pay for flood control projects.


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