Construction Industry News: June 23, 2019

Construction industry confidence makes a comeback in Q2 report

A renewed boost in confidence, along with some new insight into how contractors view the green building market, is front and center in the second-quarter Commercial Construction Index (CCI) just released by USG Corp. and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. 


Corps Picks Four Projects to Evaluate for P3s

The program is part of a broader Revolutionizing USACE Civil Works effort to accelerate project starts and completions. One goal is to cut the Corps’ huge backlog—approaching $100 billion—of congressionally authorized but unfunded projects.


Resilient Infrastructure Could Save $4.2 Trillion

Without climate change, resilient infrastructure saves $2 for every $1 spent under the median scenario but with climate change, the countries would save $4 for every $1 spent.  “If the impacts are mild, it may be closer to $2,” says Ferzina Banaji, a spokeswoman for the World Bank. “The real benefit-cost ratio may be much higher than the median suggests.


Investor urges AECOM to sell construction unit

Starboard Value LP, an AECOM investor that owns approximately 4% of the company’s common stock, is calling on the board of directors to consider selling its construction services unit, according to a letter Peter Feld, Starboard’s managing member, penned to AECOM Chairman and CEO Michael Burke this week.


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