Construction Industry News: April 6, 2020

Latest Updates on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus has struck a heavy blow against the world economy as it forces countries into lockdown with “closed for business” signs, hollows out the tourism,  travel and hospitality sectors, turns out the lights on business gatherings and events, sends employees home to work and drives the stock market into a dizzying tumble.


COVID-19: Construction Dive’s daily news and resource tracker

The coronavirus pandemic, affecting every facet of life in the U.S., is generating unprecedented levels of uncertainty for the construction industry. The news is changing every day, and to help readers make sense of how the outbreak will impact their businesses, Construction Dive is tracking the daily headlines from around the web that matter most to the nation’s contractors.


Northern California Shelter-in-Place Orders Exempt Most Construction

As shelter-in-place directives and orders took effect across northern counties in California, contractors and local and state officials are trying to decipher the definition of “essential” in the unprecedented response to curtail COVID-19.


Projects that don’t follow NYC’s new essential construction guidelines face shutdowns, fines

The New York City Department of Buildings has introduced new contractor and developer protocols on the heels of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent order that most construction in the city be halted in order to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Until further notice, the only types of work allowed to continue in the city are emergency construction, work on essential facilities and projects that require only one on-site worker.


AECOM cuts executive and board pay by 20%, CEO Burke remains for now

AECOM is the latest public construction firm to announce it will reduce the pay of its board members and top executives in response to the coronavirus crisis.


Sterling Construction lands contract for bridgework in San Francisco

The California Department of Transportation has awarded a $20.3 million contract for bridge construction in San Francisco to Myers & Sons Construction, a subsidiary of Houston-based Sterling Construction Co.


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