Construction Industry News: May 18, 2020

House Passes $3T Relief Bill With $15B for Highways, Fixes for PPP, Multiemployer Pensions

House Democrats have pushed through a $3-trillion-plus coronavirus relief and recovery package that includes a modest amount of construction-related funding along with provisions aimed at shoring up troubled multiemployer pension plans and increasing flexibility for the popular Paycheck Protection loan program.


The new normal: 8 ways the coronavirus crisis is changing construction

As contractors prepare to return to work on sites that have been shut down by shelter-in-place initiatives, they will face an industry that has been drastically changed by the both public health and economic effects of the pandemic.


California transit, road work to continue despite $54B state budget deficit

Since the coronavirus outbreak hit the U.S., construction leaders across the country have worried that infrastructure projects like road and bridge construction could suffer as state DOT revenue declines and that federal funding could be waylaid as Congress turns its attention to COVID-19 mitigation measures for business and unemployed Americans.


New York, New Jersey Reopen Construction Projects

Construction projects in New Jersey and major areas of New York state are reopening, with firms continuing to practice distancing and other measures to prevent spread of COVID-19, executives tell ENR.


Balfour Beatty temporarily halts work on part of $1.9B Caltrain project

John Funghi, chief officer of Caltrain’s Modernization Program (CalMod), told Caltrain board members that Balfour Beatty is temporarily halting construction on foundations for the $1.9 billion Peninsula Corridor Electrification project. Balfour Beatty was awarded a $697 million contract for the project in August 2016.



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