Construction Industry News: May 31, 2020

Construction Projects Halted, Fires Spark in Several Major US Cities Amid Protests

As protests continue in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, construction has been impacted in several major cities around the U.S., including fires set at jobsites and city-mandated construction shutdowns. Some contractors have voluntarily shuttered sites or implemented greater security measures.


NY Governor To ‘Fast Track’ Key NYC Projects to Boost Virus Recovery

Seeking to “supercharge” recovery of the COVID-19 ravaged economy in New York—particularly in still hard-hit New York City—Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced plans to ‘fast-track’ work on several major NYC regional infrastructure projects and labeled as “productive” May 27 talks with President Donald Trump to push federal funding and environmental approval for other long-stalled regional transportation megaprojects.


Coronavirus has affected construction the most in these 10 states

The coronavirus crisis has had a negative effect on construction firms across the country but those working in a handful of states, especially those with government-mandated jobsite shutdowns, have been especially hard hit.


California Construction Company Offers Free App to Control COVID-19

As the construction industry reopens in California and across the United States, BuildCenter, a software spinoff from COBE Construction, Inc., is offering a free health screening tool and attendance log. The app helps all construction companies meet critical mandates set by many county health agencies.


OSHA issues new COVID-19 guidance

This memorandum provides updated interim guidance to Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHOs) for enforcing the requirements of 29 CFR Part 1904 with respect to the recording of occupational illnesses, specifically cases of COVID-19. On May 26, 2020, the previous memorandum on this topic[1] will be rescinded, and this new memorandum will go into and remain in effect until further notice. This guidance is intended to be time-limited to the current COVID-19 public health crisis. Please frequently check OSHA’s webpage at for updates.



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